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Consent to Participate in Research Study

Jacob Dietz, Drew Bender, Seth Edwards, and Dylan Wagoner

Study Title

Music and Voice Through Bluetooth


Study Purpose and Rationale


This study examines the usage of Bluetooth through music and voice. Through your participation, the researchers to hope to analyze how you use Bluetooth, in which ways you use it, whether it be through music or voice, and better understand your preferences with the technology.


Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria


For participants to be eligible in this study, participants must be 18 years of age or older, as well as a Ball State University students, staff, faculty member, or an Alumni. You must also own or use at least 1 Bluetooth device per week. If you do not own or have never used a Bluetooth device you are not eligible for this study.


Participation Procedures and Duration


For this study you will be asked to participate in a survey, conducted electronically via Ball State survey software Qualtrics. First you will be distributed a consent form through email, in which the research study will be explained in its entirety, including details about procedures, durations, data confidentiality, risks, and benefits. Along side that; you will be asked to take a survey. At the end of the survey there will be an option to participate in a subsequent interview. If you choose to participate, we will be meeting in person to conduct the interview.


During the interview, the participants will be asked if they are willing to keep a journal, as a secondary-source. We need at least 5 interviewees to keep a journal for this information to be accurate. For the journal, the indivual will be provided a notepad on which they will need to record their overall usage of a Bluetooth device or multiples devices, in one weeks time span.


Participation in this study at most would be up to a week long, but you may choose to withdraw from this study voluntarily at anytime. The survey should take no more than approximately 10 minutes of your time. The interview will be no longer than approximately 15 minutes of your time. The journal will take approximately 5 minutes of your day, 7 days in one week. Your overall time commitment to this project should be no more than 1 hour.


Audio Recordings and Transcriptions


With your permission, the researchers will audio record your interview and subsequently transcribe that recording. Audio files and transcripts will be stored in a password-protected Drop Box folder that only the researchers will be able to access. Audio files and transcripts will not have your name directly attached to them. All drop box data is encrypted with a Secure Socket


Layer, which helps keep sensitive information secure. The only information drop box uses is for personal information and analytics. Personal information may be used to better improve their service and better their software, but no sensitive information will be misused. Drop box also collects some information to monitor and analyze the service as an overall whole.


Data Confidentiality


All data pertaining to your participation in this study will, at all times, remain confidential. The consent form that has your name and email address will be locked in a filing cabinet, in which only the researchers (with exclusion of our teacher) will have access. We are collecting your email address and name for the facilitation and distribution of electronic surveys. No other data will have your name or email address attached to it. You will be assigned an identifying number (see bottom of consent form), and this number will be used in all other data. Please retain your copy of this form, since you will need your assigned identification number to access the surveys. Your participation will be anonymous in presentations and publications through the use of a pseudonym.


Data Storage


All electronic files will be stored electronically in a password-protected Drop Box folder that only the researchers of this study will have access to. In order to make any major changes to this study over time, we will keep the files stored for a max period of 2 years, at which point the files will be erased if they have not been already.


Risks or Discomforts


We do not believe that this project involves any risks to its participants. The only discomforts that might arise would be during the interview process if you are not comfortable being asked questions in front of an audio recorder.

Who to contact should you experience any negative effects from participating in this Study


Should you experience any feelings of discomfort while participating in this study, please consult the American Counseling Association at 1-800-347-6647 for qualified counseling in your area. You can contact the Ball State Counseling Center at 765-747-7330 or go to Lucina Hall, room 320.




There are no direct benefits to participating in this study, but we hope that with your information we will be able better understand the usage of Bluetooth through music and voice.


Voluntary Participation


Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw your participation at any time for any reason without penalty or prejudice from the researchers. Feel free to ask the researchers any questions you have regarding participation in the study.


IRB Contact Information


Office of Research Integrity Ball State University
2000 West University Ave. Teacher’s College, Room 409 Munice, IN 47306

(765) 285-5034

Researchers Contact Information:


Jacob Dietz
Principal Investigator
Department of Telecommunications (317) 294-2860


Eva Snider
Faculty Advisor Department of English Robert Bell 257
(540) 588-7954

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